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Su Yin

Su Yin first came to Singapore from Malaysia on a Singapore government scholarship. She read law at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the National University of Singapore and was a practising lawyer in the private sector for more than twenty years.

Her facilitation work has its roots in the knowledge management and adjunct teaching work she undertook in the earlier years of her legal career. It has also been shaped by her experience with cognitive apprenticeship and business development during her tenure as a law firm partner.

Su Yin received her pedagogical training in Finland. Learning and co-teaching in Finland over a period of two years exposed her to new ideas, approaches and possibilities which inform the content and delivery of Tukija’s work. She is also a trained and certified process facilitator.

Su Yin’s curriculum vitae and teaching/facilitation testimonials are available for inspection at our office premises.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”


– Richard Franck