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For Organizations

We employ process facilitation and related approaches to promote meaningful group interaction, better decision-making and effective action.

Who We Support

Private sector workplace groups

Privately-formed groups in non-commercial settings

Youth groups

Other groups of all sizes and types

How We Support

We assist with the following matters. The specifics of the work we do in each instance are dictated by the requirements of the group and organization in question.

  • Multi-stakeholder consultations
  • Focus group engagement
  • Board and other meetings
  • Strategic planning
  • Plenary sessions
  • Workshops
  • Team-building retreats
  • Group decision-making
  • Leadership training
  • Processes to support a culture of thinking & collaboration

We work with our clients in person, virtually or in hybrid environments by way of customized programmes.


Our work with our clients is confidential. We do not provide identifying details of our clients and their work without prior consent unless such information is already in the public domain. We list our relevant experience and expertise as appropriate in proposals prepared for specific clients in relation to specific assignments.


We collaborate with other process facilitators within our network.