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About Us

Tukija is a Singapore-based academic and career support specialist focussed on individual capacity building.

We are of the view that some of the challenges faced by young adults at the workplace can be traced back to their experiences in the foundational school years. We therefore offer academic support designed and delivered with workforce needs and conditions in mind. We also assist with workplace learning and development initiatives and related matters.

We help people to integrate process skills into study, work and life so that they can achieve performance goals, interact more harmoniously and productively with others and get closer to realizing individual and organizational outcome goals.

It is our hope that, through informed and responsible agency, people acquire the self-belief to participate meaningfully in their communities and have a hand in shaping the future that they envisage for themselves and others.

Our Story

Tukija was born out of the challenges our founder, Su Yin, encountered as a parent and as a workplace mentor. Su Yin believes that schooling should prepare students for the day-to-day, practical realities of work and life at large in an inclusionary manner. Her search for a means to achieve this took her to Finland. Finland has a high-performing education system attuned to 21st century challenges, yet the typical Finnish student approaches school in a relaxed manner and completes basic education with strong self-esteem.

Su Yin spent two years in the official Finnish teacher training programme and graduated with the Finnish qualification for teaching and human resource development. Throughout her stint in Finland, Su Yin constantly reflected on how Finnish philosophies and approaches could be applied in the Singapore context. She discovered first-hand that, notwithstanding cultural and other differences, much of what she learnt and executed in Finland can be utilised for individual capacity building in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

Prior to commencing teacher training, Su Yin was a practising lawyer. She was also involved in law-related learning and development initiatives. The study and practice of law hones competencies such as critical thinking and the ability to facilitate dialogue with a view to resolving problems. In Finland, Su Yin worked on distilling processes and content from the discipline of law and incorporating the resultant products into her facilitation work. Some of Tukija’s proprietary material was developed and implemented by Su Yin when she was co-teaching in the Finnish classroom.

Su Yin


Cheng Hai 

Senior Advisor